21 Reasons Why The Left Cannot Trust Keir Starmer

The following is a list of 21 reasons why the left and many soft liberals cannot — and simply should not — trust Keir Starmer.

Note: This is a running list and is by no means exhaustive.

  1. He has shifted the Labour Party back towards militarism and pro-interventionism, pledging its ‘non-negotiable’ support for nuclear weapons, along with an ‘unshakable’ commitment to Nato.
  2. He has cynically rebranded the party’s image to reflect a more nationalist, flag-waving ethos — to make ‘use of the [union] flag, veterans [and] dressing smartly’. Yet, as one Labour HQ staffer has alleged: ‘They don’t believe any of this stuff; they’re saying whatever they think will get them votes’.
  3. After taking the knee in solidarity with Black Live Matter, he then rubbished the movement by branding it just a ‘moment’ and dismissed ‘defund the police’ initiatives as ‘nonsense’.
  4. When Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), he ludicrously proposed TEN-YEAR prison terms for so-called ‘benefit cheats’. More recently, in the wake of BLM, he endorsed TEN-YEAR prison terms for protesters who vandalise statues and war memorials.
  5. He was one of the most prominent agitators for Remain, pushing the Labour Party towards backing a second referendum in the 2019 election. Since Labour’s loss, however, he has remained remarkably silent on the issue, leaving many to question his motives.
  6. Whilst distancing himself from the unions, he has been wooing back wealthy Blaire-era donors to the Labour Party. Notably, he solicited — and later accepted — donations from the Islamophobic property developer David Abrahams.
  7. He has aligned himself with far-right apartheidists, including Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu.
  8. He has exploited the much exaggerated and misreported issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party, allowing it to be weaponised in order to purge leftwing members from the party, including Rebecca Long-Bailey and Jeremy Corbyn, as well as vast numbers of leftwing Jewish members.
  9. As party leader he has become increasingly authoritarian. He has betrayed his pledge to democratise the party and its candidate selection process, and has allowed for the silencing of discussion on a range of topics at Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings — including banning members from discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s wrongful suspension and issues relating to antisemitism.
  10. He supported the Overseas Operations Bill — a bill that gives legal immunity to British soldiers who commit war crimes, including murder, torture and rape — and sacked three junior shadow ministers for voting against it. Due to increased pressure, however, he later U-turned and voted against the third reading of bill (knowing it would still pass).
  11. He supported the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill, or ‘Spycops’ bill, that effectively gives legal immunity to MI5 and the police to rape, torture and kill in the line of service. He instructed all Labour MPs to abstain from voting against the bill (34 MPs defied his whip).
  12. He has questions to answer regarding his alleged role in a cover-up while DPP. Many believe he helped conceal information regarding ‘spy cops’, who, for decades infiltrated and sabotaged political groups — including the black power movement, climate change activists and numerous leftists campaigners. Underpinned by systemic racism and misogyny, spy cops led to multiple wrongful prosecutions.
  13. While head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) he refused to prosecute the police officers who killed Jean Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson. He also refused to prosecute the MI5 officer who tortured Binyam Mohamed, and denied consent for the arrest of Israeli war criminal Tzipi Livni for her part in the 2008 Operation Cast Lead, which killed an estimated 1,400 Palestinians, 333 of them children.
  14. He has serious questions to answer over his irregular involvement in the political imprisonment and slow torture of Julian Assange. Under Starmer’s stewardship, the CPS pressured Swedish prosecutors to pursue Assange — telling them ‘Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!’ — even when they tried to drop their extradition case. The CPS later admitted to destroying thousands of ‘key emails’ related to the case. Starmer, an ex-human rights lawyer, remains disturbingly silent on the issue.
  15. He is suspected of being deeply embedded within— and wedded to — the British security state, and is the only known serving member of Parliament who is a member of the US-based Trilateral Commission, a secretive political organisation with strong ties to the US national security establishment.
  16. He supported the Labour Party’s adoption of the absurd IHRA ‘working definition’ of antisemitism — a definition that even its original drafter believes is inappropriate because it enables criticism of Israel to be conflated with antisemitism. In this context, Starmer has publicly declared that he believes describing Israel’s apartheid policies as ‘racist’ is ‘straight forwardly antisemetic. In effect, he has rendered himself and the party unable to seriously criticise the Israeli state without being open to the charge of antisemitism.
  17. He has allowed his office to hire of an ex-Israeli military intelligence official to help manage his social media.
  18. He has persistently undermined efforts to investigate numerous senior Labour staff who actively tried to sabotage the party’s electoral chances in 2017 and who actively tried to slow investigations into antisemitism to make Corbyn look bad. When those same senior staff tried to sue the party, Starmer oversaw a ‘grovelling’ apology and a settlement of over £600,000 to placate them, despite receiving ‘clear advice’ from Labour’s lawyers that the party would win in court.
  19. He has sacked numerous members of his own party for petty offences, and has even called for the Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to ‘resign […] if she is in breach of the [ministerial] code’. Yet when Boris Johnson’s government is found to be in breach of ministerial code over earnings, when the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is found to have breached ministerial code over bullying, and when the Health Minister, Matt Hancock, is found to have literally been in breach of the law over pandemic contracts, Starmer has nothing to say and refuses to call for resignations.
  20. He has consistently failed to mount any serious opposition to the government’s criminally negligent response to the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of this failure, he has been lambasted by all sides of the political spectrum, acquiring the nicknames ‘wet wipe’, ‘Sir Keith’, ‘tap dancer for the Tories’, ‘Captain Hindsight’ and ‘General Indecision’.
  21. Liverpool.

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